All You Should Know About Coconut Shell Charcoal Production Process

People have recognized the use of coconut shells not only as a natural raw material to produce handicrafts but also as an alternative and supplement to traditional lump charcoal, to improve and prolong the heat produced for cooking. The coconut shell charcoal production machine is a useful equipment to make coconut shell charcoal.

Know all the coconut shell charcoal production process

The matured coconut shell is used for manufacturing many products of commercial importance including activated carbon. The coconut shell based activated carbon is widely used in the process of bleaching. The coconut shell activated carbon units adopt steam activation process to produce high quality activated carbon. In this process, the coconut shell is carbonized through a methods such as drum method, pit method, destructive distillation etc. In the defense sector, it is used in a wide range of filters for war gases and nuclear fall outs and in gas masks.

Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Production Line

Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Production Line

There is always a constant growing demand for exports because the activated carbon manufactured from coconuts is considered highly superior to those obtained from other sources mainly because of its small macropores structure that renders it more effective for the removal of odor and colour of compounds and for the adsorption of vapour/gas.

Activated carbon suppliers regularly get a constant export contract from regular clients for coconut shell based activated carbon, activated charcoal, powder activated carbon, charcoal, granular activated carbon, activated carbon pellets, impregnated activated carbon, coconut shell powder and Activated carbon fibers.

coconut shell charcoal machine

Beston Coconut Shell Carbonization Machine

Today, the term A charcoal has turned out to be very mainstream in the general public. Everybody pretty much knows reasonably about the utilization of carbon. Right now, all over, we have the coconut shell Carbon creation, applications for various regions, for example, water channels, channel yellow, shading expulsion, squander water treatment, gas treatment dangerous and more applications in other vital ranges. Detailed information on charcoal making machine in China.

Here is the coconut shell charcoal production process:

1. Gathering shells coconut ranchers coconut shell accumulation goes from the base of coconut creation.

2. Coconut shell charcoal: For coconut shells in the broiler passage to make coconut shell Than.

3. Mix coal: coal shell duacua ranchers leaving the passage molded stove substantial pieces. This is known as the measure of characteristic typical size. Than duatiep shells to be put into a little plant to pound measure. In the coconut shell charcoal production process, the coal plant is intended to frame the regular coconut shell Than into littler sizes 3×6 and 4×8 work estimate (more uniform in size). The repercussion of this procedure is pounded coconut shell charcoal 6×12, 8×20, and coconut shell charcoal powder.

4. Actuation coconut shell charcoal: In coconut shell charcoal production process, charcoal coconut shell sizes 3×6, 4×8 stacked into the big turning heater. Stove temperature at 9500 C. At high temperatures, the carbon part of charcoal coconut shell concoction response with water vapor and different chemicals in the rotating furnace, making a great deal of voids inside the coconut shell charcoal, shaping another item known as coconut shell actuated carbon.

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