Various Types Of 5 Ton Overhead Cranes For Sale

Are you currently searching for a new lifting equipment? There are several different types to choose from, and it depends what type of work that they will be used for when you are making your final choice. The prices of the cranes can vary considerably, and if you need a 5 ton overhead crane, these are actually very cost-effective. Here is an overview of how you can quickly find one of the latest overhead cranes that can lift as much as so many tons, or used ones that will work just as well.

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Different Types Of Overhead Cranes

There are only four different types of overhead cranes, at least in regard to basic configurations. There is the top running crane which will travel over mounted rails, specifically on a runway beam. This will be supported by the existing columns of the facility, or new columns will be installed for this crane to function. There are under running cranes which is also a bridge crane that travels on what is called a bottom flange. This will be located on a runway beam which is supported by the structure of the roof. These are sometimes easier to install depending upon what you need them for, and the existing structure of the building. The third type is called a single girder (llamado monorriel) which is very useful, a crane that has two end trucks. It also has a single bridge girder, and a connected trolley waste which will run on the bottom flange. Finally, there is the double girder which has two end trucks. It also has two bridge girders which also have a trolley hoist and it runs on the top of the girders.

Which One Should You Get?

All of these models will work well since you are only lifting a total of 5 tons, but you can also install a gantry crane. These are similar to overhead cranes with the difference being they are connected to bridge girders that span either side. These additional legs will eliminate the need for a runway system or column system, and will connect with the end trucks which may be on top of the floor or embedded. Depending on your situation, sometimes you only need a electric trolley hoist with a monorail system used with single girder cranes. Essentially, the heavier the weight, the more your supporting structure is going to matter. With the 5 ton overhead crane, you can use any of these configurations and you should be fine.

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Low-Cost Deals On 5 Ton Overhead Cranes

Once you start searching on the web, you will be able to find multiple deals that may actually be sold from a company in your area. Due to the size of these cranes, it is likely that more people will have not only used, but also new models, some of which will be at sale prices. The installation process can be quite fast due to their small size, and if you happen to be in proximity to a company that installs them, you can have it done within the week. They are designed to last for many years, and as long as you are purchasing one from a reputable company (empresa de buena reputación), you should have no problem at all getting the exact one that you need.

After you have done your research on the many different 5 ton overhead cranes, you will be able to choose one that is right for your company. Whether you decide to get a top running, under running, or a single or double girder overhead crane, all of these will work very well. As long as you do some research, finding as many foresail as you can. You can find a discount price in, helping you to save thousands of dollars on the purchase of a 5 ton overhead crane.