Maintenance of Mobile Concrete Pump

Mobile concrete pump for sale offers a great way of efficiently delivering construction process. It allows concrete to be pumped efficiently under greater pressure through a pipelines. However, without proper maintenance, the versatile tool can lead to serious accidents. Such accidents can have terrible cost in terms of human suffering. This article discusses the maintenance of mobile concrete pump that help to improve safety and the overall performance.

mobile concrete pump
Insulate the Booms:
Insulate the booms of the concrete with neoprene or any other material that does not absorb water. It is critical to wrap the boom with saran wrap before insulating to help maintain the integrity of the paint of the boom. If you find it expensive, you can insulate only the last 2 sections of the boom. Note that a full pipe is not likely to freeze as fast an empty one. When you start pumping the concrete, the frozen slug of the concrete will peel off. You can get details here:
Apply Automatic Greasers:
Applying grease using automatic greasers help to reduce mechanical damages and help to save you a lot of time and money in repairs. Automatic greases limit guess work while applying the grease. However, automatic greaser can also malfunction. In case the automatic greaser malfunction, check to ensure that the paddle inside the unit is turning.
Clean concrete pump accessories:
It is important to clean out concrete trailer pumps for sale accessories such as Wash out Bags. Most people now use Wash out Bags especially while pumping concrete in the city. Having clean accessories help ensure things are not going wrong just because you have big mess on your hands.
Use the right parts of Putzmeisters:
To improve the functionality of the portable concrete pump you need to ensure that you use quality parts in your system. Different parts of both the putzmeister Big Mouth and standard pumps are available in the market. Some of the common parts available in the market now include wear plates, S-tubes, cutting rings, front housings, thrust rings, boom filters and suction. Make sure to get quality part from reputable vendor to install in your concrete pump.
Motor Maintenance:
If you are looking to save in the long run, you use Augor motor to replace the seals. Get yourself an Augor motor Seal Kit to help you in preparing and installing the Augor motor as that is critical in ensuring that you get the job done right.
It is also critical to ensure that you maintain the Bearing Flange Assemblies as this doing that can help to ensure that the motor can run for a longer time and save you some money at last. You can easily replace Rubber cones, O-Rings and Bushing.

Check Hydraulic System issues regularly:
It is very important to ensure that water does not get into the hydraulic system. You can achieve that by making sure that you don’t overfill the water box. The level of water on the waterbox should only cover the bottom of the rods. This ensure that the hydraulic cylinder cool within the least time and prevent water from seeping through the chevron packing. Make sure that you drain water from the bottom of the hydraulic tanks weekly. If you are interested, you can learn more at this website: