Detailed Overview of Plastic Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant

Plastic pyrolysis machines allow us to get plastic oil from various plastic products and use the oil in generators, trucks, ships and more. However, these days everyone wants quality products, and there is no exception to plastic oil. The plastic pyrolysis oil distillation plant is effective for refining plastic oil to better quality oil products such as gasoline and diesel. Before refining, you need to convert plastic to oil by pyrolysis machines.

Plastic oil distillation plant

Plastic oil distillation plant

Key Features

i. Safe: Most crude oil refinery manufacturers send technicians to train personnel on the security measures. They also guide them on machinery installation and test-running the plant.

ii. Efficient: The plastic pyrolysis oil distillation plant collects the raw material and converts plastic pyrolysis oil to gasoline or diesel in an efficient manner, with high recovery rates of about 90%.

iii. Auto feeding and slag discharging features help the plant achieve continuous running for the whole day.

iv. There are a variety of heating materials for the plants, including oil, LPG, wood, coal natural gas and more.

v. Warranty: The tire recycling plant for sale and plastic pyrolysis oil distillation plant is covered with various warranties, based on the manufacturer’s policies. In the case of any problem, their engineers are always available to fix the plant at any time. Other plant manufacturers’ use after service departments to give customers regular calls and visits to check for any problems on the plant and solve them immediately.

Plastic to diesel plant

Plastic to diesel plant


i. The plastic to diesel plant offers the most cost-effective oil refining to diesel in various countries.

ii. Apart from plastic fuel oil, the plants can also distill crude oil, waste oil and used engine oil.

iii. Environmental Friendly: The plant uses green technology in the distillation of plastic oil to diesel or other oils. It’s designed with devices that protect the environment. There is no water, air or soil pollution during and after the distillation process.

iv. The end products of plastic pyrolysis oil distillation plant are considered to be better alternatives of energy to the natural gas and petroleum products.

Plastic Oil Distillation Process

i. Plastic oil is placed in the oil distillation plant and heated in a non-oxygen chamber. The oil starts to boil and evaporate.

ii. Vapors are condensed to liquid through a cooling pipe, but the vapors with shorter hydrocarbon lengths remain as gas.

iii. The cooling pipe exit goes through a bubbler that contains water, which captures the last liquid forms of fuel and leaves only gas that’s then burned.

iv. Liquid oil is piped into the deep purifying system that features pressure alkaline and acidity cleaning devices. The purifying system also features pressure filtering system. From the deep purification system, you get the end product, Diesel oil. Contact us and get the detailed oil distillation process here:


High-quality diesel oil from plastic pyrolysis oil distillation plant can be used in various kinds of diesel engines such as loading machine engines, digging machine, trucks, ships, diesel oil generators and more. The engines produce less noise and smoke compared to the regular diesel oil due to the high quality of the diesel oil.