All about Waste Tires to Fuel Oil Pyrolysis Process

The waste tyre pyrolysis plant produced has the components of wellbeing, vitality spring and natural assurance. It can accomplish the waste tires to fuel oil pyrolysis process without bringing about auxiliary contamination issue. Take the clump working plant, for instance; waste tires to fuel oil pyrolysis process is as per the following:

(1) Put the waste tires into the reactor and make reactor turn clockwise 0.4-0.8 r/min. Seal the sustaining gulf entryway firmly and ensure there is no gas spillage.

(2) Heat the reactor by utilizing coal, charcoal, fuel gas, wood and so forth as warming materials. The reactor will be gradually warmed, and when the temperature reaches around 250 ℃, the oil gas will be shaped.

(3) The oil gas is turning out from the reactor then goes to consolidating framework and get to be fluid oil. The gas which can’t be condensed under ordinary weight will be intended to retreat to burning structure through security gadget. It can be reused to warm the reactor as fuel, which will spare vitality for the entire working procedure.

(4) After completing oil creation, the temperature of the reactor will tumble down, when the temperature tumbles down to 40 ℃, we can get carbon dark and steel wire.

Waste Tyre To Oil Machine

Waste Tyre To Oil Machine

At the point when the entire waste tyre to oil pyrolysis process closes, we can get pyrolysis oil, carbon dark, and steel wire. The pyrolysis oil can be utilized as fuel oil as a part of commercial enterprises, for example, steel and iron and boiler factories, pottery, force or concoction businesses or lodgings, eateries and so on or utilized for generators to get power. The carbon dark can be used for making development blocks with earth, or utilized as fuel. The steel wire can be sold correctly or reused to create new steel items.

Furthermore, they additionally have semi-nonstop and entirely consistent working plants for you to pick. For every arrangement of the machine, one expert will be sent to direct your establishment, test the machine and prepare your specialists until you can run the plant quickly.

converting tires to oil plant

converting tires to oil plant


Aside from the important blast verification valves, temperature meter, and weight gage, the waste tire oil equipment is additionally outfitted with hydro-seal, waste gas burner, and so forth, so the pyrolysis of waste tyres process is safe.


a. Fumes gas can be reused to heater and used to warm the reactor;

b. Hot smoke turning out from heater can be de-tidied in particularly outlined de-cleaning framework;

c. The by-items are carbon dark and steel wire, both of which have high values

Imaginative Heating Mode

Embraces hot smoke warming mode which consolidates the upsides of immediate and roundabout warming strategy.

a. When a few issues happen in the framework, shutting the affected draft fan can cut the warming source in sudden to guarantee the framework’s wellbeing

b. Since the reactor is maintained a strategic distance from to be warmed correctly, the administration life of the new equipment is 2-3 times longer than that of the old one

c. It spares 20%-30% fuel. Take coal, for instance; we will spare around 100KGS every day.

High Oil Rate

Other than the warming mode, two different viewpoints can likewise expand the oil yield rate.

a. particular impetus which is made out of 24 sorts of chemicals;

b. Tube condensers which can expand the contact size of oil gas and water, making the oil gas dense rapidly and entirely.

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